Yass Valley – Yass Community Garden

Final Report – March 2012

Kym & Mark inspecting new raised beds and shed. March 2012

Two working bees have now seen the old tennis court pegged out and the garden beds started, including 13 raised beds as well as large corner quadrants. Council has supplied water to the garden and an electrician has connected power at no cost to the group. A shed has been bought and now stores the new tools. Soil and mulch have been delivered and it’s now “Game on!” for YOGI – the Yass Organic Growers Inc.

August Update

Progress of the Yass Community Garden since 31 May 2001:

Yass Community Garden opening

  • Open day held on World Environment Day (5 June 2011).  Purpose of the day was to gain feedback on site design & desired plot size.  The Open Day was well attended, given the weather. We attracted coverage in the local paper.  Council sponsored the production of our sign (see photo).   http://www.yasstribune.com.au/news/local/news/general/fruitful-future/2187633.aspx
  • YOGI (Yass Organic Growers Inc) is formally incorporated.  In doing so, we have completed our constitution.  (YOGI has been established to administer the Yass Community Garden).
  • Set up bank account & PO Box for YOGI
  • The licence agreement with the land owner (Anglican Church) is signed.
  • Stuart Whitelaw (on behalf of SAGE) has produced a site design.
  • Council has agreed to survey the site and mark out the site design for us.
  • We had a small working bee a few weeks ago.  Some of the tennis court area and along the fence line were was cut.  Sections of the fence were also repaired. A fig tree has been planted, and all trees/vines were mulched.  All are budding, so as the weather warms we’ll see more growth.  We are having another working bee during the school holidays, so we hope to finish mowing and repairing the holes in the fence.
  • A number of presentations have been made by YOGI to local interest groups, which have received positive feedback.
  • Council is installing a water meter at Pritchett Street and will be contracting a plumber to install 4 taps.
  • It is likely that we’ll need a DA for the site, given the size of the shed we’ll be having.
  • Facebook page created “Yass Community Garden”
  • Payment is being made to the Garden Clubs of Australia for our public liability insurance.
  • The membership form is being finalised.
  • Quotes are being obtained for the purchase of tanks (and plumbing) and a tool shed.
  • Garden Rules are being finalised.

    YOGI site plan

We expect that the coming months we’ll be spending a large bulk of the SoT funding, for tanks, plumbing & tool shed.  We consider these to be the key skeletal infrastructure items establishing the site, from which the community will grow the garden.


Kym Nixon

Secretary, YOGI

Contact: yasscommunitygarden@gmail.com

Update on Yass Valley Project

Tuesday 31 May 2011

Please see invitation below to the Yass  Community Garden Open Day 11.30am  Sunday 5 June YassCommunityGarden_OpenDay_Flier-1

Hi all
Although we have yet to ‘turn the first sod’ at our proposed site for the Yass community garden (on three disused tennis courts on Anglican Church grounds), we have been busy making sure that all of the administrative side of things are in place before we start to get our hands dirty.  Here’s a summary of what we have been doing:

  • Established a steering committee made up of a group of enthusiastic local residents, meeting weekly since November 2010
  • Currently finalising constitution, licence agreement with landowner (Anglican Church), insurances required, and becoming  incorporated
  • Established contacts with Canberra Organic Growers Society (COGS), who have been absolutely fantastic in providing invaluable advice and support
  • Attending COGS community garden open days in Canberra.  Of particular interest is the O’Connor community garden, which is also built on disused tennis courts at the Uniting Church site
  • Established excellent working relationship with Yass Valley Council, with two very supportive Council staff on steering committee.  Council is providing planning, surveying, legal advice and assistance.  They have confirmed that community garden will receive a 55% discount on water rates, and have agreed in principle to a Phase 2 community garden on Council land in Riverbank Park in the future
  • Film fundraiser night organised by local journalist on the Yass Tribune, featuring David Suzuki’s film Force of Nature.  Approximately 45 attended film night, with proceeds donated to the Yass community garden.  $220 was raised, plus the Chair of steering committee gave a brief talk, thus also providing a great opportunity to promote the community garden to those in attendance
  • Proposing to hold an open day at the community garden site on Sunday May 29, with the key objective to involve the Yass community in the site design and to establish their sense of ownership of the garden
  • The Editor of COGS has requested to do a feature article on the Yass community garden for the next edition of the COGS magazine.  We are delighted with the offer, and also with their offer to provide us with any additional help and assistance we may need to make the garden a success.
Gayle Buttrose

Chair, Yass Community Garden Steering Committee

For more information on the project

Contact Gayle Buttrose on 6226 6419 or email: gayle.buttrose@gmail.com


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