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GULP launches biodiesel school bus

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20 October 2011

A zero carbon school bus running on recycled fish and chip oil from a local cafe has been unveiled in a presentation to Upper Lachlan Shire councillors today in Gunning.

Representatives from the local community – including Council, Gunning Public School and Jerrawa Creek Landcare – as well as Sustaining Our Towns project managers Tracey Rich and Marie Zuvich, and media representatives, were on hand to hear about the financial and environmental savings of the bus.

Biodiesel producer Ned Stojadinovic said the biodiesel was 100% recycled, cost only 30 cents a litre to produce and emitted zero CO2 emissions.

“This one bus filled with biodiesel instead of petro diesel would be saving between 15 and 18 tonnes of carbon emissions a year. And the effort to convert all diesel buses to biodiesel would be trivial. All of the work has been done and the expense would be insignificant.”

Green Upper Lachlan Project Manager Sarah Bucknell said the project was an inspiration to others.

“What I love, being a local myself, is that in a humble little shed in a tiny country town, Ned has put together cutting edge technology. The potential of his biodiesel is really worth looking at.”

Please read more about Ned’s biodiesel >> Biodiesel Bus Flier

Feedback on Power Meters Promotion

11 October 2011

Please click on this link Feedback for a great report from Manager Library Services with the Upper Lachlan Shire, Kerri-ann Pratley, on the popularity of newly arrived power meter kits across the shire.

Biodiesel school bus launch

4 October 2011

All aboard for the launch of the Home Grown in Gunning – Biodiesel School Bus on Thursday 20th October.

The Green Upper Lachlan Project (GULP), sponsored by Sustaining Our Towns, will host a presentation on the carbon and cost savings of a locally produced biodiesel to representatives from the Upper Lachlan Shire Council, Gunning Public School and the media. We would be delighted if any members of the public were able to attend.

The launch will take place on board the bus at approximately 1.00pm outside the Old Hume Cafe in Yass St, Gunning.  For further details please continue to check this site or email greenupperlachlan@gmail.com

Locals tell their power saving stories

15 September 2011

Crookwell area residents say new power meter kits available from the library have helped them work out which home appliances are costing the most money and which ones are cheaper than expected.

Helen from Laggan has discovered her old fridge is costing twice as much as the new one. Bill from Crookwell says he’s relieved their water bed isn’t as expensive as they thought.  Please read more >>

GULP Launches Power Meters Promotion in Upper Lachlan Shire: Win $250 to help pay your winter power bill

28 July 2011

Crookwell and Gunning Libraries are delighted to announce that new Power Meter Kits have now arrived in the libraries to help local residents find ways to save power.

The kits have been created by Sustaining Our Towns and give you practical ways to save money on your electricity and water bills, as well as how to live more sustainably and reduce your ecological footprint.

To help promote the arrival of the kits, the green upperlachlan project (GULP) is running a competition for residents of the Upper Lachlan Shire offering the chance to win $250 to help pay your winter power bill.  Competition details >>

GULP Power Meters Promotion Poster

Cover Glass, Stop Draughts: Old Farmhouse Energy Review

14 July 2011

An historic home on the outskirts of Gunning has failed the energy efficiency test, but no-one’s really surprised.

Taking advantage of free Home and Garden Energy Reviews being offered by Sustaining Our Towns, the tenants of Avondale have realised the major inhibitors to saving power in their home are the size and age of the building itself, together with the age of the roof insulation. Please read more >>

The Trouble With Setting Fire To Stuff

“In a certain part of the world the people were the biggest and best at burning stuff. Every last one of them put more carbon dioxide into the air than people who lived in other countries.  They called themselves Australians…” by Dan Moor

Spending Energy

28 June 2011

Did you know if you were to pick up the Hazelwood Power Station in Victoria and plop it down on top of Gunning it would cover the entire village? And the huge open cut mine right next door, which delivers the coal to the power station, would cover the city of Goulburn. Students at Gunning Public School were this week shown the difference between energy generation which costs communities enormous effort and expense (coal generated electricity) and energy generation which is relatively cheap and easy (the sun). More details >>

How much effort does it take to make electricity?

Students took turns cranking a tiny wind turbine to generate enough electricity to switch on a baby light bulb. Can we find a simpler way to make power?

Seeing the Light

21 June 2011

The sun obliged by appearing briefly on a school excursion to a Dalton solar home this week. Owner and architect Karina Smith says her home is “just like an esky with windows”. Read more >>

Design elements in this Dalton home maximise capture of the sun's energy

gulp Power Meters Promotion

3 June 2011

With winter upon us, the green upperlachlan project – gulp – is running a Power Meters Promotion and has purchased power saving kits which are available to borrow from the Crookwell and Gunning libraries.  Details on a competition for residents of the Upper Lachlan Shire to save money on their winter power bill are coming soon. Please read more >>

gulp – green upperlachlan project – starts with a bang!

1 June 2011

Please read more about our school education program >>

How do you explain the significance of reducing power consumption to primary school children? One way to get their attention is to show how burning fuel, such as the fuel used in your family car, sets off explosions that send carbon dioxide into the air, clogging our planet. This is what gulp environmental consultant Daniel Moor has been teaching senior students in Gunning this week at the start of a series of lessons on sustainability and saving power. There was also a bit of giggling when Yr 4 student Will Luck told the class that ‘windy’ cows were a major polluter as well. For more information on gulp please contact Sarah Bucknell on 4845 1669 or via email greenupperlachlan@gmail.com

Dan blowing the lid off a fuel container to show how burning gas or petrol sends CO2 into the air.


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