Update No. 7 Friday 12 August 2011

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Hello everyone,

There’s a bit of excitement building here (for me at least!) as we begin to see everything falling into place to make PLANS into a solid incorporated organization.  And part of that process will be having our first ever get together on Saturday September 17th 2011 (please note it now!).  We need to have this meeting to carry out a small amount of official business to meet the requirements of Incorporation, but we thought it would also be a great opportunity for us all to network, exchange ideas and celebrate across Palerang.  So we’d really like to see you there and we’ll be pulling this together over the next few weeks…

Watch this space! Cheers for now, Mel Hillery

In this Weeks Update

  1. Making PLANS for Palerang Day: Saturday September 17th 2011!!!PLEASE PUT IT IN YOUR DIARY NOW!!!
  2. Progress on Incorporation for PLANS  and an invitation to join the committee
  3. Cnr Paul Cockram reports back from the ‘Energise Central NSW’ conference in Cowra
  4. Anne-Marie Duke updates us on the Eco-Hub project
  5. Palerang Council News – phone surveys for the Community Consultation are in progress
  6. Local events – Tree-planting at Frog’s Hollow and Land for Wildlife Update Night in Bywong

What can I do? Please contact Mel at melophorus@bigpond.com if you know someone who would like to receive this weekly update, or if you have something you’d like to see included.

1. Making PLANS for Palerang Day: Saturday September 17th 2011!!!

Come along and meet others across Palerang passionate about sustainability, hear about what PLANS has been up to so far and help us generate ideas, enthusiasm, structure and direction for the future.  The meeting will also have a formal section to pass the motions required to formally Incorporate PLANS.

Date: Saturday September 2011

Time: 1pm

Venue: to be advised- we would like to hold it somewhere between Bungendore and Braidwood, or north or south of this.  If anyone has an idea for a venue – we would like to hear from you!

What can I do? Feeling inspired to help us organize this event or have a special skill that you think might help us – we’d love to hear from you! Mel at melophorus@bigpond.com or Anne-marie at annimee1@gmail.com .

2. Progress on Incorporation for PLANS – and an invitation to join the PLANS committee/reference group

Much of our time lately has been devoted to getting PLANS into a position for incorporation.  Key components of this include recruiting people to our new committee, drafting our new Constitution and of course organizing the meeting for Incorporation (Making PLANS for Palerang Day above).

The proposal at present is to set up both a conventional Committee as used by many organisations, and also a wider Reference group.  We are hoping that this format may help us to involve members of the community less likely or able to come regularly to meetings including young people, those with family duties, disabilities, lack of access to transport or just a dislike of meetings! Membership of this reference group will require active participation on a weekly basis, mostly by email,  as the Committee and Reference Group discuss the week to week business of the network generated by staff.

So accordingly we would like to warmly invite you and/or any other interested resident of Palerang to bring your experience and expertise to PLANS by serving on our Committee or our Reference group for the first year of our operations.

If this invitation is of interest to you, please contact Mel Hillery melophorus@bigpond.com or Anne-Marie Duke annimee1@gmail.com for the information for potential committee/ reference group members or any further information you require.

Executive positions, Committee and Reference Group members will all be elected at our Making PLANS for Palerang meeting on Saturday 17th September  1pm.  If you are not available on this date, you can still stand for election. We are asking for a nomination notice and a brief paragraph from each person interested in helping us by joining the Committee or Reference Group to be sent to Mel Hillery by Friday 2nd September 2011.

What can I do? If you are a constitutional expert or understand the need for an eye for detail over documents of this nature we could also really do with your eyes to cast over our draft Constitution!  I have put the draft constiution up on this website (go back to and would really appreciate any comments or suggestions to melophorus@bigpond.com.

3. Councillor Paul Cockram reports back from attending the ‘Energise Central NSW’ conference in Cowra on behalf of PLANS and supported by Sustaining Our Towns.

On Friday August 5 I went to a very well attended ‘Energise Central NSW’ conference in Cowra.

We heard the latest developments in biofuels, solar, pyrolysis, biomass, wind, geo-thermal; all potential low-carbon energy sources.

The good news for us all is that our energy woes are politically motivated, not technologically restricted. Once our politicians are forced to look outside the fossil square there is a wealth of possibility that will lead to a better, cleaner future for us all.

A more detailed report on the meeting and its aftermath will follow.

4. Anne-Marie Duke updates us on the Eco-Hub project

The current Sustaining Our Towns feasibility study into establishing some kind of Tele-Commuter Centre or Work Hub Facility in Bungendore is quietly progressing. The main focus so far has been undertaking some background research into other examples of these “remote” , shared work spaces. The next stage of the study involves the design of a survey to help provide us a real picture of the need which may exist in Palerang for this type of facility and some specifics about what type of space and services would meet users needs and expectations. Please keep your eye out for this survey to appear in the near future. The other aspect of the investigation will be to assess what employers in the region may be interested in establishing and utilising a Work Hub for some of their employees. We will be talking with as many of them as possible to draw their ideas and possible involvement. Also, Mel and Annie have scheduled to meet with the Project Officer, Fiona, who is working on a similar project in Moruya and we are looking forward to exploring ideas and any possible overlaps that there may be between the two related projects.

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions for this project please contact Annie Duke at annimee1@gmail.com

5. Palerang Council News – phone surveys for the Community Consultation are in progress

I (Mel) had heard reports from Captain’s Flat that a number of residents had been surveyed for the Community Consultation by telephone which those of you attending the Forums will recall was the next step in the consultation process prior to the drafting of the Palerang Community Plan.  Then I was lucky enough to score a telephone interview of my own!

The questions were broadly similar to those put in the community forums although did go into more detail on some issues.  These included road maintenance, how I would like to see development in Palerang proceed, the car park for Bungendore, water availability, the Bungendore bypass etc which I am guessing are picking up on issues identified at the Bywong and Bungendore forums.

On another front we are still waiting on a reply from Palerang Council to a letter we addressed to Mr Bascomb requesting further information about the analysis of the data being collected by the community consultations and the transparency of the process leading to the construction of the final Community Plan. The letter was drafted on behalf of PLANS by David McDonald who is himself a social researcher.

6.Local events – Tree-planting at Frog’s Hollow and Land for Wildlife Update Night in Bywong


You are all invited to help with a community tree planting on Frogs Hollow (adjacent to Molonglo Street and Bungendore Road) on Sunday 14th August from 11am.

The planting plan is the culmination of extensive consultation with nearby residents by the Bungendore Town Centre and Environs s355 Committee which is made up of community and council representatives.

Six advanced Pin Oaks (“Freefall” variety) will be planted along the Molonglo Street verge of Frogs Hollow. Eucalypts and Casuarinas will be planted in clumps around the western and northern edge of a retained open park area, which historically was used as a cricket field.

Council will have already dug the large holes required, but it would be good if you could bring a spade and mattock to help with planting, staking, watering, etc.  A barbecue lunch will be provided, weather permitting. For more information contact me on 62381234 or millpost2621@bigpond.com

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday,



Land for Wildlife Presentation & Get-together- Friday 26 August 2011 6pm Bywong Hall.

  • John Asquith of the Community Environment Network is giving an update on the Wamboin & Bywong Land for Wildlife program at the Bywong Community Hall, 67 Birriwa Road, Bywong, on Friday 26 August 2011 between 6.00 – 7.30 PM. He’ll also show us a short DVD on the Great Eastern Ranges Project which will be a great way of putting our local conservation efforts in a wider regional context.
  • The Wamboin & Bywong LFW program is gaining momentum and a few properties have been assessed. We are still trying to establish LFW in our area in the longer term, but we are optimistic. We’ll give you an update on the night and hopefully present the first set of signs!
  • John will let us know how the program is going locally and state-wide. And it will be a great opportunity to catch up and hear your thoughts too.
  • There will be tea, coffee, soft drinks and nibbles – so just come along with your family (see if your neighbours want to come too) and find out how we are going.
  • Please let Philip Machin know whether you can make it – Tel 6238 3717 or machin4@bigpond.com


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