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Hello everyone,

Hope the school holidays were restful for those of you for whom such things are relevant! They seem oh so far away already!

In this Weeks Update

  1. PLANS not PANS! Fast-tracking to Incorporation
  2. Goals, Strategies and Indicators for Success for PLANS
  3. Palerang Council LEP Update – an almost complete document!!
  4. Climate Change Action in Palerang –we need you to help letterbox your neighbourhood in the next two weeks
  5. Waste spot
  6. SOT News – Carbon management course opportunity
  7. Local Events
  8. Quote from Capra

1. PLANS not PANS! Fast-tracking to Incorporation

Those of you with an eye for detail will notice that we have started to use the name PLANS rather than PANS to advertise our network.  The Sustaining Our Towns Palerang working group (which basically arose from the people who happened to turn up to an SOT meeting last year and got roped into writing and actualizing the grant for PANS) has determined that Incorporation is one of our highest priorities in the near future, and this has involved a brief consideration of our name before ‘setting it’ so to speak through the process.

Incorporation will enable us to apply for funds on our own behalf, and to set in place more transparent and representative structures for the governance of our organization and oversight for our workers.  (We on the working group are very aware of the fact that we don’t really represent anyone other than ourselves!). We are going to try and achieve this over the next month or two, which is only vaguely possible because of the hard work put in by Anne-marie and the generous advice of others who have been there and done that!

The first step is to reserve a name with the Department of Fair Trading.  After some discussion we have determined to request the name Palerang Local Action Network for Sustainability (PLANS).

Steps two and three involve drafting our constitution (using the model rules from the DFT as a base) and recruiting the office bearers, committee members, public officer and applicant (for incorporation).

Next we hold a meeting of members to pass the necessary motions required for incoproation (adopting the constitution and electing the committee etc) and finally we can prepare and submit the application to incorporate.

What can I do? The meeting for incorporation will be the first opportunity that we across the PLANS network will have to get together and…well…start networking and create the buzz!! It would be great to have a fun event that is really more about this, and get the procedural stuff required for incorporation out of the way too.  We are just at the point of considering this now, so if you have any ideas or would like to have input into/help out with this – we’d like to hear it! Email us at (Mel Hillery) or (Anne-marie Duke).  We will determine date and location in the very near future and start advertising it…but keep a look out for something on or around the 27th/28th August or 3rd/4th September.  Please let us know if you know of any large community events we should avoid. If you are interested in seeing a copy of the draft constitution or being involved in helping us to set PLANS up as as transparent and equitable organization as possible we would also welcome your input.

Also do you like what you’ve seen of PLANS so far and want to get in on a bit more of the action? We would also like to hear from people who would consider standing for the new committee and/or taking on the role of one of the office bearers. We are developing an information pack for those who would like to know a little more before taking it on – please ask!

2. Goals, Strategies and Indicators for Success for PLANS

One of the first key milestones in our original grant from Sustaining Our Towns to set up the PLANS network was to undertake a planning cycle and agree on a set of goals, strategies and indicators of success for PLANS. The SOT Palerang working group undertook this at a meeting on 31st May and the resulting table was adopted at the most recent meeting of 20th July.

The table serves as one compact and concrete way of expressing the original vision for PLANS, and a stepping off stone for however it may evolve in future.  You can check it out here: PLANS Goals, strategies and indicators July 2011

Now enough navel gazing – what else has been going on in Palerang…???

3. Palerang Council LEP Update – an almost complete document!!

The most recent Extraordinary Meeting of Palerang Council to consider working draft of the Local Environment Plan was held on Thursday 28th July.  Two key clauses for the protection of biodiversity and waterways/riparian corridors were reconsidered and thanks to the hard work of a number of Councillors and PLANs members burning the midnight oil, an argument for retaining the stronger versions of the clauses was successfully made and supported by a majority of Councillors.

The Business Papers for this meeting also contained an assessment of the work remaining on the LEP and included the following remarkable statement: ‘The LEP is now almost at the stage that it is ready for consultation with the Department of Planning and Infrastructure…It is expected that any outstanding matters will be finalized and the complete PLEP presented to Council at the Extraordinary meeting in August.’

Is anyone else interested in joining me in the public gallery with a champagne bottle??? Its time to shake off that LEP fatigue!

What can I do? The time for re-engaging in the LEP process will come once the PLEP has been signed off on by the Department and the document is exhibited for public comment.. possibly some time later this year but most likely early next year.  Stay tuned!! (And of course…it isn’t quite there yet… let’s not count our chickens…)

4. Climate Change Action in Palerang – we need you to help letterbox your neighbourhood in the next two weeks

With the release by the Federal Government of the details of the carbon tax a number of the larger environmental groups have launched actions which anyone can take part in to help promote the ‘Say Yes’ campaign and help spread the facts about the carbon tax and the need for action now on climate change. Most importantly we need to counter the heavily funded Say No campaign.

Starting this Sunday 31st July the Say Yes campaign will kick off its “Communities Say Yes” fortnight of action!. I (Mel Hillery) have registered for an information pack with 200 letters to drop in letterboxes…but we can easily copy more letters if there are more volunteers to help letterbox them

What can I do? If you would like to join this campaign get in touch with Mel or 0427 440 335 asap so we can start organizing a coordinated response.  I would like to be able to register several dates at different sites across Palerang over the next two weeks but I need your help. Perhaps we could do some smaller localized efforts and aim for a bigger joint effort on Sunday 14th August?

In addition GET UP has weather-proof posters available saying Yes to a Price on Pollution for putting up in your front yard.  They are delivered free once you put in your order at or again let me know in the next few days and I’ll put in a bulk order.

Finally Palerang Council is calling for nominations from persons interested in serving on two of its s.355 committees: Palerang Council Climate Change s.355 Committee – Council wishes to fill one casual vacancy on this Committee;  Captains Flat Area s.355 Committee – The Committee was established in June 2011. There are six community members on this Committee.

Nominations for positions on both committees close on Monday, 15 August 2011. This article can be found on the web at:

5. Waste spot – looking for a volunteer to collate some information

After our collation of the public transport info for the Palerang Bulletin, editor Maria Taylor has suggested that it would also be great if someone could do an update for the bulletin on recycling and where we can recycle those more obscure household items including batteries and plastic bags.  PLANS project officers are a little overloaded at present but we wondered if someone might be interested in taking on this one-off job? What can I do? Contact either Mel or Annie

6. SOT News – Carbon management course opportunity

The Sustaining our Towns is seeking to run a subsidised Certificate IV in Carbon Management in Queanbeyan during October and November 2011. We are looking for expressions of interest to run a course in Queanbeyan for the SE NSW region. If we get 15 participants for the course is likely to go ahead at a subsidised rate.

The Carbon Management Certificate IV is an accredited workplace qualification for environmental managers to enable and support the development of carbon management and carbon emission reduction strategies for organisations, businesses and Councils.  As a Certificate IV graduate you will develop skills and competencies that will enable you to understand the strategic implications of carbon emissions for business and how emissions reduction strategies can be implemented using business planning frameworks, supported by existing business systems. A large part of this is translating sustainability principles into business language and aligning carbon reduction actions with key result areas of a business or organisation.

For more information contact Tracey Rich email: Phone: (02) 4475 1007

7. Local Events

Sunday 31st July

Kathy Handel is co-odinating tree-planting at Wamboin Community Hall for National Tree Day.

What can I do? Please let us know the details of any events, local or otherwise so we can promote them here.

8. A Quote from Capra

Ben Gleeson sent us the following thought this week and I thought I’d share it with you:

A couple of closing paragraphs I read today from Fritjof Capra’s ‘the Web of Life’.

“Network”? “Community”? It struck me that it might be relevant to the Palerang Action Network for Sustainability in some way….

It’s a warning and a calling!

cheers all.


“In ecosystems the complexity of the network is a consequence of its biodiversity, and thus a diverse ecological community is a resilient community. In human communities, ethnic and cultural diversity may play the same role. Diversity means many different relationships, many different approaches to the same problem. A diverse community is a resilient community capable of adapting to changing situations.”

“However, diversity is a strategic advantage only if there is a truly vibrant community, sustained by a web of relationships. If the community is fragmented into isolated groups and individuals, diversity can easily become a source of prejudice and friction. But if the community is aware of the interdependence of all its members, diversity will enrich all the relationships and thus enrich the community as a whole, as well as each individual member. In such a community information and ideas flow freely through the entire network, and the diversity of interpretations and learning styles – even the diversity of mistakes – will enrich the entire community.”



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