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Do you know I can’t find out what Palerang means/ was named after.  I know the Shire was named after the Mountain, but can’t find why the mountain is so named.  Anyone know?

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In this Weeks Update

  1. PANS news – some extra funding from SOT enables us to employ Anne-Marie Duke.  Welcome Annie!
  2. Imagineering Palerang 2020: Fuuture MicroEnterprise Opportunity Survey 2011
  3. The ‘Don’t get Mad, Do something fun AND make a change’ Travelling Film Night update
  4. Palerang Council News – wildlife friendly fencing
  5. Palerang Council News – update on consultations so far – if you haven’t been to one yet make sure you rsvp to a consultation evening near you asap!!!
  6. Local events – Quenabeyan Expo and Numeralla seed collecting workshop
  7. In the Region – check out the Sustaining Our Towns Website and hear about what our neighbours in the Bega Valley are up to.
  1. PANS NEWS – Welcome Annie and don’t forget to use the FREE SOT Home and Garden Sustainability Reviews.

A few weeks ago the Sustaining Our Towns Palerang working group (which is overseeing the set-up of PANS) received a welcome offer from Tracey Rich who is the Project Officer for the  Sustaining our Towns Program.  Project partners of the Sustaining Our Towns (SOT) projects are SERRROC (South East Resource Recovery Regional Organisation of Councils) Clean Energy for Eternity, the Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority and the thirteen SERRROC Councils.  SOT is currently funding PANS for an amount of $5 200.

Tracey offered to increase our available finds by another $5 000 to allow Anne-Marie Duke to assist in the ever expanding vision of what we want to achieve! Annie lives in Braidwood with her family, and has been working for SOT already delivering the FREE Home and Garden Sustainability Reviews across Palerang, and running FREE Sustainable Living workshops.

What can I do? The Reviews are well worth checking out and could save you quite a few $$$$$. Go to for more information and to book a review.

Welcome Annie, I’m really looking forward to it.

2. Imagineering Palerang 2020: Future MicroEnterprises Opportunity Survey 2011

Imagineering is ‘letting your imagination soar and then engineering it down to earth.’ ALCOA ad in TIME magazine 1942.

This week I’ve been putting a bit of my time into developing this idea a little further.  The plan is develop a market- research survey covering potential sustainability services for the communities within Palerang.  These services have to fill gaps in people’s needs and have a strong enough response to support a viable micro-enterprise, but would in the long run help to reduce our collective foot print for transport,  local goods and services, waste management, social networking, energy production, education and training, health, environment, banking & investment, government and the arts.  The results of such a survey would be made available through a publically accessible database (without individual information being identifiable of course), so that the ideas could be potentially taken-up and developed, or the information used to lobby for better government provided services.

The kind of ideas we are trying to provide the background research for at present include: low-cost car pooling connection service, a tele-commuter centre in Bungendore, improved public-transport route into Canberra, swap-net for goods and skills (just for starters!).

What can I do? If this is something that interests you and/or you have some experience with survey design and data handling, email Mel at or call me on 0427 440 335.

3. The ‘Don’t get Mad, Do something fun AND make a change’ Travelling Film Night update

I have just received the mail my copy of ‘The Economics of Happiness’.  Will review this over the next week.  Next week will begin to approach likely local groups for co-hosting the series. Still looking for ideas!

What can I do? Put up your hand to help organize an event near you.  Answer my Vox Poll question at the top of this email!!!

4. Palerang Council News Update – Wildlife friendly fencing in rural residential areas

You may have read about this issue in your local papers.  It is likely to come up again at the next Palerang Council meeting on the 2nd June at Braidwood Council Chambers.

The following is a short except from a document that Maria Taylor (Palerang Bulletin) has sent me the following in support of Cnr Anne Goonan’s motion:

Regarding staff investigation on motion that Council amend its minimum fencing standard between new subdivision blocks and public space (roads and reserves). This is in regard to either Yarrowlumla DCP only or all rural DCPS, distinguishing rural residential zones from rural zones.

1. any revised Council standard for best practice in wildlife friendly minimum fencing, where Council has jurisdiction, does not affect a landholders right to fence in his stock – if he has any.

2. This proposal does not affect existing landholders (except possibly as a guide on how to do things more humanely and not to be ignored, more cheaply).  This would only apply to new subdivisions.  Therefore points 1 and 2 suggest that consulting with the existing community is not the priority it would be if they were directly affected, (although Cr Goonan has begun consulting with Wamboin and Bywong community associations as a point of information).

If you are interested in this topic, you might like to contact Cnr Goonan at .

Another source of information on this topic is the website:

5. Palerang Council Update – Community consultations

The consultations started this week, and there have been good turn outs at most so far (>70 people at the Braidwood consultation reportedly).  Generally people seem to be enjoying themselves and they have been a good evening. Topics raised so far have often been dominated by roads and local issues however….so we still need people to have a think about the broader vision for our communities (as well as the important local things of course!).

It  is not too late to get your voice heard.

Community consultation workshops — 6.00 pm – 9.00 pm

with dinner provided. Please arrive at 5.30 pm.

Tuesday 14 June Captains Flat Community Hall

Wednesday 15 June Bungendore School Hall

Thursday 16 June Burra Community Hall

Friday 17 June Wamboin Community Hall

Government and business forums.

Thursday 16 June Bungendore School Hall

9.30 am – 12.30 pm

What can I do? RSVP to Council on 6238 8111 is essential to secure a place.

6. Upcoming Local Events – Sunday 5th June Queanbeyan Expo

On Sunday 5th June from 10am to 4pm there will be an environmental expo in Queanbeyan, with a special focus on sustainable homes and gardens.

Highlights include wormfarming workshops, a river walk, sustainable agriculture, cooking talks and the Sustaining Our Towns team will also be at the expo, so make sure you check in and say hello.

Upcoming Local Events – Sat 18th June Numeralla Landcare’s Seed collecting workshop

Numeralla Landcare is hosting a native seed collection workshop Presented by Greening Australiaon 18 June, from 10am-2pm at Numeralla.

The workshop is free, and lunch is provided, numbers are limited so please book your place. Phone Antia on 6452 4611 or 0439 778 633 or email

7. In Our Region – Sustaining Our Towns website

This website gives a great overview of the Sustaining Our Towns program (under which PANS has been initially funded) and gives details for its Home, Business and Community Programs.  It also advertises regional Sustainability Events and lists a lot of useful sustainability tips and resources.  You can also subscribe to their regular e-neswletter (though I will tru and make sure that everything relevant to Palerang ends up in this update!).

This week I thought I’d post something from Bega Valley where SOT is supporting an existing project at The Crossing Land Education Trust. The Crossing inspires young people to conserve and is community hub for sustainability education.  Don’t take my word for it…follow the link below and be inspired!

Bega Valley

Update on Community Project at The Crossing

Wednesday 27 April 2011

Hi from The Crossing on the Wilderness Coast of South East NSW (a not for profit environment education centre on the border of the Bega and Eurobodalla Shires)

Framing for our Outdoor Community Workshop area is now ready for roof sheeting – we will be ordering the sheeting this week – solar panels for the centre will later move onto this roof to gain more sunlight hours in the day and to better display how the system works to participants in Sustainability learning courses.

New pergolas over workshop

For more information on the project

Contact Dean Turner on 64933400 or email:


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