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Front page Braidwood Times Wed 5th June 2013

CORE visit to Infigen Energy’s Capital East Solar Farm 7th June 2013

In this project (funded by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage)  FuturePLANS will be looking at a whole range of options for a community owned renewable energy project in Palerang and collecting some basic data to help us make the first cut decisions on what such a project would look like, as a basis to look for further funding for a full feasibility study.

The project deliverables, timetable and budget can be seen in the Technical brief template FuturePLANS v7 submitted 18th April 2013.  Please note that the budget breakdown was an estimate only and remains to be determined in consultation with the Steering committee, project team and OEH.

We are the: Community Owned Renewable Energy (CORE) of Palerang

Our aspirational goal:

Maximising the take-up of renewable energy by giving people more options to access renewable energy and keeping benefits in the local community.”

The key objective for our pre-feasibility study is to articulate some solutions to achieve our aspirational goal and identify the barriers and opportunities in Palerang.

Our meeting on Wednesday 29th May 2013 appointed a steering committee who committed to seeing the pre-feasibility study through: Paul Cockram (Chair), Daniel Bartlett (Secretary), John Gannon, Dick Varley, Mallika Robinson (please let me know if I’ve missed someone).  We agreed that all meetings would be open.

Project contacts:

Mel Hillery (Project officer): / 0427 440 335

Project questions

The second meeting of people interested in the project held in Braidwood on Wed 15th May 2013 produced a number of questions that will form the basis of the project as it develops.  These questions and the related discussions at that meeting are illustrated in the mind map: Reasons for coming to community renewables meeting.

The mind map highlights a series of questions which began to emerge over the evening (all coloured blue in the attached diagram) and which have been numbered broadly in the order in which they were raised. The evolving list of questions for the project can also be downloaded here:  Community Renewable Energy Project Questions as a word document.

David Anthony, our Strategic consultant has also put together an intial list of possible models to explore : CRE Project Notes for meeting 29 David Anthony.

What do we need to know?

Local energy use?

Look up your local household energy use here

How to do a community renewable energy project resouces:

Australian resources

Community Power Agency


South East Region of Renewable Energy Excellence (SERREE)


Northwest Community Energy

Links to Other CRE Projects:


Fraser Bay Community Solar Farm Queensland

Flyers Creek Wind Farm

LIVE community power Melbourne

Nimbin Community Solar Farm project

SolarShare in the ACT


Re-volv – community solar investment fund

Mosaic – solar investment fund

Municipal funding in the USA


Further reading:

Ison, N., Hicks, J., Gilding, J and Ross, K. (2012) The Australian Community Renewable Energy Sector – Challenges and Opportunities

This is an absolutely comprehensive review of all the known CRE projects and their current status and lessons learnt.  Absolutely essential reading!

Articles on Distributed Energy

Productivity Commission Draft Report-chapter13 Distributed energy

Energy Supply association of Australia Who pays for solar energy

ACIL Tasman esaa Distributed Generation report


NSW Inquiry into Downstream Gas supply


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