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2013 Projects:

Community Renewable Energy

In this project (funded by the NSW Department of Environment and Heritage)  we will be looking at a whole range of options for a community owned renewable energy project in Palerang and collecting some basic data to help us make the first cut decisions on what such a project would look like, as a basis to look for further funding for a full feasibility study. Follow the link to see the technical brief and other information in this space.

Telework in the ACT region

Whilst we finished the report on this in March 2012 there continues to be a lot of activity and interest in promoting the idea of a telework centre most likely in Bungendore, but with some others also mooted for the region in Goulburn and Boorowa. Contact Mel Hillery for an update at melophorus@bigpond.com and see also Regional Development Australia Southern Inland.

Green the Greenways

This  Federal Government Community Action Grant brought togetherct members of four community groups and Palerang Council  to plant trees on a new Greenway and rehabilitate an existing greenway to build on an area of adjacent remnant vegetation.  The project also included property visits to five private properties in the vicinity of the Greenways who received a plant survey of their property and have become members of Land for Wildlife, a voluntary scheme to support private land owners to manage some or all of their property as wildlife habitat.

Land for Wildlife workshops

This project (funded by the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife) has funded two events in 2012/2013.  The first event was an evening workshop at the Bywong Hall in November 2012 with information on tree planting from local botanist Geoff Butler and injured animal care from the Native Animal Rescue Gourp’s Lesley Machin.  On Saturday 11th May we held a field day at a private property in Wamboin with guest speakers Rainer Rehwinkel (grasslands botanist), Nikki Taws (birds) and Ross Bennett (reptiles). Looking over the great feedback we got from the workshop it seems the story about the shingleback lizards from Ross was a great hit (Ross explained why they have such physically large babies) and the information on the importance of mistletoes to biodiversity from Rainer and Nicky was also something that many had been wondering about. There was a great interaction between the three speakers about how plants, birds and reptiles as well as other organisms (insects featured a bit) interact as we walked around the property.

Public transport action group

Our public trasnport group has been less active this year, but does run a small car pool from Bungendore.  We are looking for funding sources to expand this.

How to Build a Village and Traditional Crafts

Both these topics from our Ideas Fest last year have committee members keen to progress them and we hope to develop discussion groups / learning circles around them.

Do you have an idea you’d like to connect with other people and resources?

Let us know and we may be able to help. Project Officer Mel Hillery can be contact at melophorus@bigpond.com or on 0427 440 335.

Recent Events:

2012 IdeasFest

Notes recorded at the PLANS Ideas Fest Sunday 18th November 2012

About the Palerang SOT Working Group

Palerang Sustaining Our Towns Working Group was funded for two projects: originally called the PANS (Palerang Action Network for Sustainability) and a second Palerang Council led initiative to make energy consumption monitors for appliances available to households in the shire. (Switching to Lower Power Bills). See the bottom of this page to read more about the development and oversight of these two projects.

Palerang Local Action Network for Sustainability (PLANS)

Regular Palerang Local Action Network for Sustainability (PLANS) Updates are available below.  If you would like to subscribe to our Updates please email melophorus@bigpond.com and ask to be put on the list.


Funding_opportunities November 2012

This is Mel Hillery’s personal spreadsheet of funding grant opportunities provided as a general guide only- please check out the websites yourself to double-check on accuracy of due dates and details of grant application process.

Another very useful website listing available government grants is http://grants.myregion.gov.au/

Recent Press Releases

IdeasFest seeds lots of Future PLANS Jan 18th 2013

Nuturing local ideas – 11 November 2012

LfW letter to Wamboin Whisper May 2012

March 30 press release on telework hubs meeting v4

Key PLANS’ Documents

Expression of Interest to Sustaining Our Towns (Feb 2011)

PLANS Goals, strategies and indicators July 2011

PLANS Objects and Constitution October 25th 2011

PLANS Report to SOT 30th August 2011

Final Report to SOT 27th March 2012


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Palerang SOT Working Group

The SOT meetings in Palerang Shire (immediately east of the ACT) put forward two projects: the PLANS (Palerang Local Action Network for Sustainability) and a second Palerang Council led application for an energy saving initiative.


The aim of the PLANS is to ‘increase the sustainable development capacity of Palerang communities by providing advocacy and secretariat support for local initiatives.’ Our group has a long list of great ideas that we’d like to see happen here in Palerang.  Our grant money is to pay someone to facilitate the group to focus our goals better and come up with a business plan or funding application for the groups’ longer term sustainability, whilst actually initiating the network and getting some activities happening across the Shire.


Fortunately we are finding that as we actually get down to the nuts and bolts of the project (recruiting people to our network and as Mel Hillery takes up her role in working for the group) those goals are becoming clearer.  It has been a slower process than many of us have hoped, but rewarding all the same.


In the near future  we are hoping to secure longer term funding, market research sustainability based enterprise opportunities in Palerang and link existing community groups across the shire.  Our first concrete steps towards this will be  a touring sustainability film/lecture series across the towns of the shire (hopefully cohosted by existing community groups) and a regular local sustainability update email list in the near future as start-up projects.


Meanwhile David Anthony at Palerang Council will be leading a project to purchase a number of energy monitors for applicances (the type you plug in at the wall) which will be made available for Palerang residents to borrow from local libraries and council outlets. The project will also include some public education to encourage residents to use the monitors and discover which are the most power hungry appliances in their houses.

For more information on PLANS (Palerang Local Action Network for Sustainability)

Contact Melinda Hillery on 0427 440 335 or email: melophorus@bigpond.com

For more information on Switching to Lower Power Bills

Contact David Anthony on 6238 8111 or email: david.anthony@palerang.nsw.gov.au



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