Bombala – Playtpus Country Communities Learning From Each Other

Final report – March 2012

Worm-farming workshop at St Josephs Bombala

Over the life of our project, we have:

  • Created two sets of fact sheets and posters: 1) to highlight easy ways to save energy, water and fuel and 2) providing hints and tips on growing fruit and vegetables in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Demonstrated the no-dig garden method by creating a no-dig potato patch at the community gardens at Bombala
  • Held a Community Garden Workshop at Delegate during Easter and Platypus Country Month.  As part of these activities young people were involved in a pizza cook off using ingredients sourced from the community garden
  • Established an additional community garden at Cathcart and conducted two community workshops to plant out the two raised tubs supplied via funding from Council’s Preventative Health program with in kind support from members of the Bombala Sustaining our Towns network.
  • Purchased two worm farms  and conducted two workshops, one  at Delegate Primary School to support the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden project and one at St Joseph’s Primary School to support the work the students undertake at the Bombala Community gardens
  • Purchased and installed two water tanks and required guttering, one at the Delegate Community Garden and one at the Bombala Community Garden
  • Researched and developed the Platypus Country Region 2012 calendar which has been distributed to every household in the Shire
  • Purchased raised garden bed for Bungarby community and conducted workshop on sustainable gardening methods

As a result of our project new partnerships have been established between Bombala Sustaining Our Towns Network and

  • Monaro Rural Health Service
  • Platypus Pals
  • Cooma Community Garden
  • Bombala Community Garden Network
  • Cooma Men’s Shed
  • Bungarby community

These partnerships have seen members of the Cooma Community Garden travelling to Bombala to help with building the no dig potato patch and  attend an activity at the Delegate Cob Oven and Community Garden .  A representative from the Cooma Men’s Shed also attended the event and discussed with members of the Bombala Sustaining Our Towns Network reasons why the Delegate Community Gardens and Cob Oven were so successful as a community building tool. The Network believes the reasons to be regular activities held every full moon, community have taken ownership of the gardens,  specific events are held on a regular basis and encourage cross generational learnings.

During the life of the project Platypus Pals have reported an increase in membership, and these people have all provided volunteer labour to assist with tree planting activities.  Through Platypus Pals a partnerships with Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council has been formed.  This partnership has seen members of the Land Council supply seeds of bush tucker plants to Delegate Primary School’s Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden to sow and plant out.  The long term plan is to establish a bush tucker garden as part of the kitchen gardens.  These gardens will be a focus of activities for not only the local community but visitors also once the Council supported Bundian Way project is up and running.  This project celebrates the shared history of the Indigenous tribes and the early European settlers and will establish teaching areas along a 300km walkway that has been used for thousands of year by Indigenous tribes.  The walk way links the mountains to the sea.

The profile of the Bombala Community Garden Network has been increased and St. Joseph’s Primary School have confirmed that they would like to increase their involvement with the community gardens next year.

The success of the community gardens at Bombala, Delegate and Cathcart have resulted in the community at Bungarby requesting a garden be developed there.  As a result of an agreed upon change to the original application the garden has been established and new partnerships developed.

August Update

  • Worm farms for the community gardens at Delegate and Bombala have been ordered and should arrive within the next two weeks.
  • Tanks will be installed by the end of October at the two gardens.  Some delays have been experienced due to the very wet weather we have been having.
  • Regular activities have occurred at both the community gardens although work has slowed over the winter months as it has just been too cold and too wet to do much.
  • As a result of the success of the two community gardens a further garden has been established at Cathcart.  Initial planting out occurred at the Cathcart Well Being Day in June, kids activities are planned for the September/October Be Involved…Be Inspired holiday workshop program.
  • Planning for a Spring event focusing on local produce/community gardening at Delegate is well advanced.  Event will take place in Platypus Country Month (October) and feature workshops on worm farming,  activities will include planting out of the community garden with salad vegetables and a cob oven cook off using at least one ingredient from the community garden.  Of course our display panels will feature prominently!
  • Council has had an energy efficiency assessment undertaken by the Sustaining our Towns crew . Undertaking the recommendations will result in a saving of $8,803 per annum and a reduction of 43.18 tonnes of green house gas emissions (more than a 50% reduction in current emissions).  We have commenced implementation of the recommendations  with the installation of a $30 timer on the  zip boil which it is estimated will save us $105 per year, further recommendations will be implemented shortly.
  • Work has commenced on the household survey forms and we will organising the energy meters shortly.
  • Our calendar will go to the printers mid September. Below is an excerpt from the February page:

Karen Cash

Bombala Shire Council

Zucchini Slice

5 eggs,

1 cup self raising flour

200g grated zucchini

400g sweet corn kernels

1 onion chopped nice and fine

1 cup grated cheese (try a mix of cheddar and blue)

¼ cup of vegetable oil

Handful of mixed herbs from the community garden finely chopped

Preheat oven to 170 degree.  Grease and line a 30   x20cm lamington pan.

Beat the eggs until combined add the flour and beat until smooth then add the zucchini, onion corn cheese, herbs and oil and stir to combine.

Pour into the prepared pan and bake in oven until cooked through (about 30 minutes).

If you are using the cob oven, it will take about 15 minutes to cook after the pizzas have been done.

Update on Bombala Project

Wednesday 25 May 2011

Hi all

The Bombala Project – Platypus Country Communities Learning From Each Other – is progressing.  To date we have developed printed resources that have been used at the Bombala and Delegate Shows and International Women’s Day events.  The poster size information sheets are very colourful and give easy to understand/read messages concerning a broad range of sustainability issues.  The display was eye catching and generated a lot of interest from the attendees.  They are available for any local community group to use.  Congratulations go to committee member  Penny Judge who spent a considerable amount of time on developing the resources.

We are currently working on a short survey to be used in conjunction with the energy meters which will be available from the Bombala Library. The energy part of our display will go up at the Library to support participation in the survey.  In addition we are working on our major project: the development of our sustainability calendar for 2012 with lots of local sustainability events and contacts highlighted.

Regards Karen Cash

For more information on the project

Contact Karen Cash at Bombala Council on 64583555 or email


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