Bega Valley

Final Report from The Crossing – March 2012

Solar-powered pump for reed-bed greywater system

Our SOT grant has added value to a previous federal government infrastructure grant which had provided funds to build a pergola.  With the SOT grant we roofed the pergola and moved the solar system, constructing a new battery box with a clear lid and gauges to assist with interpretation.   We paved under the new roofed area and created an outside workshop space bringing edible gardens and compost systems in closer to increase sustainability education. We installed a pump to run directly off a single solar cell and circulate grey water through oxygenating flowforms. Finally we constructed a propagation area dedicated to raising native seedlings for Landcare projects in our area.

Training for Transition March 2012

Our improved solar window has meant our off-the-grid system is running much more efficiently with excess of power most days.  The roofed pergola has cooled the whole site significantly, making the Main Hall more solar passive and increasing rainwater collection. The new undercover space has made the on-site flow and management of groups significantly better.  The integrated edible gardens and compost fall means that each group at The Crossing can participate in harvesting, food preparation and soil creation. The greywater pump running directly off the solar panel, that is no battery,  is an excellent visual example to groups of the energy of the sun.

As many people are visual learners, the new infrastructure and systems at The Crossing illustrate and provide hands-on opportunities for sustainability learning.  And in terms of comfort, the most significant change is the cooling of the site and creation of a very pleasant outdoor learning space that  has already been host to a Permaculture Design Course,  a Landcare Forum, a number of school groups and a Training for Transition group funded by Sustaining Our Towns.

August Update from The Crossing

The roof of the outdoor workshop space will be finished soon – it is looking great.

Sea to Snow participants under new roofing

Met with solar electrician yesterday and with builder to work out design of new battery bank and solar power interpretation area so that work may commence on the relocation of our solar system to the new roof over the next few months.

Used the new space last week to train this year’s Sea to Snow Sustainability Journey participants with great success – especially as it was wet.   October Permaculture course now overflowing and we will be able to increase numbers from 20 max to 30 max with use of the new area.  All very exciting.

First school tested the new area and new fire circle nearby which we finished paving a few weeks ago and it worked really well.

Dean Turner

Previous Update on Community Project at The Crossing

Wednesday 27 April 2011

Hi from The Crossing on the Wilderness Coast of South East NSW (a not for profit environment education centre on the border of the Bega and Eurobodalla Shires)

Framing for our Outdoor Community Workshop area is now ready for roof sheeting – we will be ordering the sheeting this week – solar panels for the centre will later move onto this roof to gain more sunlight hours in the day and to better display how the system works to participants in Sustainability learning courses.

New pergolas over workshop

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