Home sustainability rebates help to make sustainable improvements to your home more affordable.  Rebates are offered by the Australian and NSW Government, as well as some Councils.  At the moment, many of the environmental rebate programs offered by the Australian and NSW Governments have ended or are under review as emerging market-based programs (such as proposed Carbon Tax package) are under consideration. 

Australian Government Home Rebates

The Australian Government operates the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), also known as the  Solar Credit Scheme.  The purchase and installation of solar or air-sourced heat pump water heaters, or small-scale solar, wind or hydro generation units may entitle you to Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) – previously known as Renewable Energy Certificates or REC’s – if your system is eligible under the SRES scheme. STCs are sold and transferred to liable entities (usually electricity retailers) through a market based online system. This scheme is designed to support the deployment of more renewable energy throughout Australia to achieve Australia’s national Renewable Energy Target (RET).

In February 2012 the Australian Government discontinued rebates on solar hot water systems.  The rebates for rainwater tanks and greywater systems have were discontinued in 2011. 

The Australian Government’s Living Greener website contains a search function that can help you determine if you are eligible for Australian Government home sustainability rebates, as well as other rebates in each state and territory including NSW.  The Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator (ORER) website contains useful information about hot water systems and photo-voltaic solar panel systems.

NSW Government Home Rebates

In September 2011 there are no NSW government environmental rebates available for people living within the Sustaining our Towns project region, as the NSW Government’s Home Saver Rebate program ended on 30 June 2011.  Over the last few years this program has offered rebates for a range of products including solar hot water systems, rainwater tanks and dual flush toilets.  

In addition, the NSW Government’s Solar Bonus Scheme  is closed to new applicants.  This scheme assisted installers of home renewable energy systems  to recoup the costs of their initial investment through a gross feed-in tariff  paid for all the electricity produced by an eligible renewable energy system (including photovoltaic and wind generation systems). 

Council rebates

Interested people should check with their local Council water authority regarding additional local rebates for water efficient devices like rainwater tanks and dual flush 3 star toilets.   There are a number of Councils in our project region offering these sorts of rebates.


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