Welcome, builders and tradespeople!Passivhauslivingarea

We see our role as a resource for your work at Googong, around to support, connect, and promote you in the sustainable housing world. If you have a way we can work with you, we’ll do it, that’s the beauty of being a small flexible group of people.


So far, we have lent a hand by:

  • meeting one on one to understand each individual’s business, personal interests, and approach
  • assisting design of homes
  • giving feedback on display village house plans
  • tweaking existing design to suit particular blocks and family needs
  • researching materials and products for builders and clients
  • researching and reporting back on current best practice and/or new ideas
  • assisting promotion of features to clients (eg, cost benefit of renewable energy, orientation, insulation)
  • linking up builders with particular interests in the local area
  • finding local solutions for problems of sourcing or recycling after understanding the way the business ran and their priorities
  • promoting homes built with sustainable features

We prefer to have you in the room in our consultations with mutual clients – it helps to keep everyone on the same page and have opinions shared from the beginning. This has worked very well with us in several instances, bringing architects, builders, scientists, clients, Googong, and Council input to the table where needed.
We aren’t trying to push particular agendas, radically change your business, or cause division between builder and client –  the Googong Sustainable Housing Project focuses on local people and local solutions, and wants to get to know and work with you.

Ultimately, sustainable housing is a growing field that has distinct benefit to the homeowner, the builder, the local economy, Australia, and even our global society. Let’s get into it.

If you think we can work together, or even if you’d like to meet up and see whether we can, please drop me (Myf) a line on Myfanwy.Appleton@qprc.nsw.gov.au or call on 02 6285 6108.


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