Government Business Programs

The Sustaining Our Towns Business Program can assist you to identify whether your business is eligible to participate in a range of State and other Government business rebate and grant programs.  These include some of the progams listed below.

Sustainability in Business

Sustainability is more than just reducing your impact on the environment. It can help your business become more resilient and productive, save on costs and give you a distinct competitive advantage.

Businesses with an eye on their triple bottom line – their environmental, social and financial impacts – are able to make better decisions, compete effectively, build a more loyal customer base, and attract and retain staff.



Through our programs, businesses can:

– get help to reduce energy, water and waste bills maximise profit

– access the latest advice from business and government specialists

– improve planning for energy upgrades

– learn about technologies to optimise the use of resources

– take advantage of financial assistance on offer

– build stronger relationships with customers and suppliers

– be ahead of environmental regulatory changes  and reduce risk.


 Energy Saver Program

The Energy Saver Program is available to larger businesses and offers hands-on assistance to become more energy efficient and save money.

This Program offers:

  • subsidised energy audits
  • technical advice to transform audit findings into practical actions
  • opportunities for networking and sharing ideas with similar businesses

NSW Energy Savings Scheme

The NSW Energy Savings Scheme  is part of the NSW Government’s plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 60% by 2050.  There are now a number of green businesses offering commercial premises lighting and equipment upgrades for free – or at highly subsidised rates for both equipment and installation – through this scheme.  The types of things being offered include:

  • Replacement of halogen downlights with compact fluorescent downlights (usually free including installation)
  • The replacement of halogen downlights with LED downlights (commonly $6-$15 per light installed)
  • Replacement of compact fluorescent tubes with efficient T5 tubes (commonly $15 per tube installed)
  • Replacement of old hi-bay workshop/warehouse lighting with induction lights, T5 equivalents or LED hi-bay equivalents (various prices depending on lighting type and fittings)

Businesses approached by companies offering free or low cost energy efficient lighting or other equipment should consider taking up these offers.  But we would advise you to ask questions about lighting quality, warranties and whether the lights being promoted to you are suited to your purpose and needs. You should also seek a number of quotations if you are buying LED or other lights through this subsidised scheme, as there are now numerous companies operating in this space and it may be worth your while to shop around for the most competitive deal for your business.

Companies have to be approved Energy Saving Certificate providers to be eligible to provide these services, as does the energy saving measure they are offering.  See the website for a List of Accredited Certificate Providers.

Public Facilities Program

The Public Facilities Program funds water and energy savings in public and community facilities in NSW.  From time to time the NSW Government calls for funding applications for this Program.  Our Business Officer alerts our eligible participating businesses to opportunities to apply for these grants when they become available.  Information in the energy and water assessment reports provided to businesses is then used to place an application for funding assistance to implement water and energy saving measures.

Green Skills for Businesses

Sustaining our Towns is also able to help businesses in our region access the NSW Government’s Green Skills program.  This is a program that provides subsidised training to assist businesses develop the skills and knowledge to transition to a  lower carbon world. Through our registered training organisation partners, we are able to help participating businesses access the following subsidised training courses:

  • BSBSUS201A: Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
  • BSBSUS301A: Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
  • BSBINN201A: Contribute to workplace innovation
  • BSBINN 301A: Promote innovation in a team environment

Connecting with Community

Tips, tools and community and school resources that will help you connect with your local community and improve local environments.


If you have a business and would like to find out more about our business program please contact the Business Program Officer Mark Fleming on 0419 865114 or


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